On the 11th July 2013 my world came to an end for my beautiful, beloved wife passed away. This site is left in honour of her loving memory forever and always in our hearts, Gang RIP gone but never forgotten.

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Welcome to my Home Page

Thank you for your visit, I hope you enjoy the site, it's all a bit 'tounge in cheek' so don't take it too serious, especially the music page.

As you can probably see I now reside in Thailand, I'd had enough of deepest darkest Wales and longed for a bit of life.

I decided to visit Thailand as I had never been, even though I'd been travelling the world since I was 19.

My visit got off to a very bumpy start, but thanks to Beth, a lovely girl who deserves the best in life and Gang (who ended up with me!!!) I managed to get through it all, and concluded it

was the place to be as the UK seems to be getting really bad with crime, ethnic minorities, which now seem to be becoming majorities, unmarried mothers, drug addicts, 'hoodies' and layabouts for which I was paying 40% tax in support of.

I estimate that the UK will be run by eastern europeans within the next ten years, you can see it starting now.

I sold the cottage which was a lovely place but needed a lot of upkeep, managed to re-house the animals miss the dogs terribly but I know Caz and Mark look after them well.

I bought the villa after spending some time living in a condo, which I found very similar to living in a noisy hotel, the village itself is really nice with many expats living there and has quite a community feel.

I married Gang after 45 years of being single (finally caught) and sent her to 'Wife School' their motto being 'Women, know your place'! and she graduated with straight A s.

Pattaya or 'Patpong on steroids' is an unbelivable place, a 24hr 365 days a year, vibrant party which never ceases to amaze me, the people are really friendly, and it's a pleasure to go into shops without security guards, and banks with no glass partitons, or security cameras, to wake up every morning with the sun streaming through the window, shower, have breakfast made by a beautiful Thai lady, then make your way home!.

The cost of living is just amazing with a main course in a restraunt costing less than a pound, although a tank of diesel for the Chevvy is about £14, I drove it to the Levvy but it was dry (I know).

Labour costs are really low as the average wage is about £4 a day and the efficency of the Thai workforce is excellent.

I had to get rid of my toys in the UK, the only things I have left are my Ducati and my Chopper, it would cost four times their worth to have them imported, I think this would have been an ideal place to get my Chopper out, as I have had numerous occasions to use it, also with it being introduced to many different surroundings, some of them being quite hot and sticky it would have stopped any rust accumulating, there is an endless stream of young ladies who have requested a go on it. I have started to accquire some toys out here as I still go by my theory of when you reach the pearly gates the one with the most toys wins.

I'm presently working for a malaysian oil company in the south China sea on a month rotation which is ideal as Thailand is a two hour flight away, there are two more expats on here one from Pattaya, the other went to the same school as me ! (small world).

I don't miss my home town of Ellesmere Port one bit, it seems to get bleaker and more downtrodden with every visit.

I hope this website provides an insight into my life on the other side of the world for some people, as they took a keen interest when I was living it in the UK.

Thank's for your time and I hope it made you smile !!!

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Where I reside ....

Pattaya is 147 km southeast of Bangkok, and faces the Gulf of Siam. It is located within easy access of the Bangkok Airport and has excellent accommodation and restaurants and entertainment for all tastes. Because of its easy accessibility from Bangkok, Pattaya remains one of Thailand’s most popular weekend getaways for Bangkok’s...more info

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