On the 11th July 2013 my world came to an end for my beautiful, beloved wife passed away. This site is left in honour of her loving memory forever and always in our hearts, Gang RIP gone but never forgotten.

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Cassie and Jasper

Cassie is the white German shepherd, she was born on feb 14th 1997 my partner at the time Caz was a big dog lover like myself we already had one black and tan shepherd named Rocky he had a lovely nature (except where cats were concerned) he was getting on in years so we decided to get Cassie hoping Rocky would be her Mentor.

We seen an advert in a local paper for white German Shepherds, called the people and made

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an arrangement to go and see the litter, upon arriving Caz poked her finger through the cage immediately Cassie was over licking her finger, well with Caz that was the deal done, we arranged to pick her up in a week or so, we couldn’t wait for the day to come, when it finally did we were overcome with joy we picked her up in E301 WTU and set of home, that is when her reign of terror first started he first thing was to dive into Rocky's food bowl while he was having his dinner he soon let her know who was boss she let out a little yelp and came scurrying back in.

She was not allowed out until she had all her jabs but unknown to Caz the three of us would go on little adventures while she was at work one time Cassie slid down a bank into a load of mud, so our .plan of action was to get her home showered and dried before Caz appeared, we managed it with minutes to spare.

Sadly not long after Rocky passed away he went quietly in his sleep lying by the bed next to us, he is sadly missed to this day.

From then on Cassie decided she was to be number one, her reign of terror had began in earnest, chewing everything she could, escaping which entailed all the neighbours in the street trying to catch her, which she thought was a great game and loved to play it, she always had to sit higher than you she was just uncontrollable.

This went on for about 14 months, we were at our wits end with her, then I noticed an advert for training of difficult dogs, we phoned the gent in question and arranged to take her to him, on arrival we were quite shocked he lived on an old farm and used a large barn for training at each end was sat a huge black and tan on straw bales not moving a muscle, we were told to come back in two hours we were not allowed to stay, feeling very unsure we decided to trust him, upon our return Cassie looked like she had been through the mill, the gent explained she would be fine now, she slept all the way home and right on until the next morning, when she finally came around later that day she was a completely different dog, god knows what he had done to her but it was nothing short of a miracle, she stopped chewing things, walks by your side and was completely obedient in everyway.

By the time she was 18 months we had decided to get her a companion a friend of caz's had seen a lovely cross shepherd/husky at Colwyn Bay dogs home in North Wales, we went to see him but he was far to big and boisterous and we didn't want to go through the same routine as we had with Cassie, so sadly we had to leave him there.

When the handler put him back in his pen I noticed a tiny white puppy and on his cage it said 'Hello my name is Jasper, I'm deaf and will be blind in two months could somebody please give me a home, I bent down poked my finger through the bars where he immediately gave it a good licking, we left there with him on my mind, I never slept for 3 nights thinking about him, I told Kaz we had to rescue him, she sat me down and told me what was going to happen in two months when he had no quality of life, but my mind was made up, I phoned the home up explained the situation they said we could pick him up the next day and no house visit was required as he wasn't expected to live that long, that day we had a shopping frenzy, lead, collar, tag, bowls, toys, basket,ect, needless to say I never slept that night.

We arrived at the home an hour early but he was just about ready the handler was really pleased we had come to collect him he said to me “he expected Jasper to go away from here in the back of a van not in the front of a Porsche 911”.

Needless to say I cried for most of the journey home with Caz comforting me saying” it’s ok we’ve got him now”.

When we arrived opened the door and introduced the pair of them it was like they had known each other for years and were soon rolling about the floor with him able to get underneath her and nip her belly, much to her infuriation but they both loved it.

We were a little unsure about where Jasper would go to the toilet thinking with him being deaf it was no use shouting at him, so we came up with the idea of using a cat litter tray when he first came across it he thought it was great to have a scratch in, when he finished he walked to the back door and waited for us to open it, he then went outside cocked his leg and came back in and resumed his games with Cassie !!!!.

The next thing was to get the best eye specialist money could buy he was found in a place called New Brighton we made an appointment went over and was told we would have to leave him there most of the day, upon our return I was informed there was nothing he could do for him he was going to have the limited sight he had now for the rest of his life, well I was overcome and the tears flowed again, he wasn’t going to go blind after all.

The vet did say that we should have an orthopaedic vet look at his rear leg as it didn’t look right.

The next thing was finding the best orthopaedic vet we could, we traced one in Manchester made an appointment and took him over, it was not good news his growth plate had not formed properly and he needed an operation costing 1500 pounds we were unable to get insurance on him because of his condition also him being an Albino, straight away I said “when can you do it” he was booked in for the next week and we picked him up a day later looking a bit sorry for himself with a big lampshade around his neck and a steel cage around his leg he had to stay like this for 6 weeks but it never stopped him getting around when he finally got it off 6 weeks later we noticed his two front legs going the same way, it was off to Manchester again the vet said it was the growth plates in his front legs now, another 3000 pounds but he could only do one leg at a time, when could he do them was my next question, within a few days he had his lampshade back on and steel bracing, 6 weeks later it was all change by this time all the staff at the vetinary hospital new and had fallen for him because he was such a strong chap and a right character, whenever he came through the hospital door the receptionist would shout “Jaspers here Jaspers here” whereupon most of the staff would come rushing out to see him much to the amazement of the other waiting customers.

We had a caravan in Wales and most weekends we would be there one particular weekend a weinmaramer dog set about him Jasper unable to defend himself with his lampshade on came off the worst with the cage ripped from his leg, another trip to Manchester and another 600pounds and he was back home again, or his second home as some of the staff at the hospital had a collection for him and bought him his own little kennel which he stayed in when he was there.

Another six weeks had passed and he was due to have his final callipers removed when we picked him up from the hospital there were quite a few tears shed and not just mine, we were made to promise to bring him back to visit them all there, which we did.

When we got him home we gave him his lampshade which he chewed to pieces within seconds.

Now the fun was really to begin, he had never been able to run in his life but now you could not stop him even though he had 21 stainless pins inside his legs, the problem being he would run into things with his very limited sight he had two speeds fast and Turbo fast a bit like Forrest Gump in the movie, we decided we would have to take him to the beach where he could run and run at times Cassie had problems keeping up with him, I think his back legs being an inch longer than his front (another deformity) made him look like he was built for speed, this entailed me having to travel 30 miles a day to the nearest beach.

By this time Cassie had become his guardian when he went for a turbo on his own Cassie would stay by my side looking up at me, then at him when he had reached the end of his run he would be completely lost, of course there was no way he could hear you if you called him, or see us I would look at Cassie and say “ go on then” she would bolt over to him and give him a nudge he would then put his nose to the ground and follow her exact tracks straight back to me, they were a great team.

I ended up buying a cottage in Wales right near a beach with some land where they could run for hours.

They spent many happy years together sadly they both passed away in June of 2007 within days of each other.

They will be sadly missed.

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