On the 11th July 2013 my world came to an end for my beautiful, beloved wife passed away. This site is left in honour of her loving memory forever and always in our hearts, Gang RIP gone but never forgotten.

Please take a moment to visit her tribute website found here
to experience some of our most cherished memories

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Me with Bobby the first love of my life

Second from the left !!!! (dirty job)

Flying blind and solo into the bonkers jungle

One flew over the cuckoos nest !!!!l

Mr's Lose

Pete's Missus

Danielle, Gang,Lisa, two friends who stayed,but most of all,"know how to throw a good Party".

Me with fag at Andre's Birthday.

Mrs Lose freezing in Wales

My two cute and cuddly Pit Bulls, Jess and Cooper

Bira race circuit Thailand

They couldn't pass me on the water,they certainly were not going to pass me on the road!!! The only 911 Carrera in the country with a tow bar.

One of the toys I had to leave with my parents !!!!

The Baby blade with paintwork and airbrushing of Jasper by brother- in-law, Lek.

Mrs Lose posing with the Ferrari by the River Dee Chester, a traffic wardens dream !!!

Mum outside my old cottage in Wales.

Jasper Casie and Pwt on Newbourgh beach Anglesey, I wish I could turn back the clock.

Wolsey Hornet leading the Mini Challenge, Real motor racing, real cars, better than any Ping-pong show in a Pattaya Go-Go bar.

The Chevvy

Formula 2000 Bira Thailand

The beast from the east.

Mad ead on a ski. I am now banned from all the ski's in Jomtien.

Some nutter on a ski.

Mini Challenge Bira Thailand, 94 degrees, real cars real racing.

Commonrail pick-up start.

Red Bull Duke trouncing the rice burners.

Bike pits Bira.

Jasper and myself Ffyord Fach Caernarfon North Wales.

Gang, Cooper and Vespa

Pwt posing on the Beach

Cooper named by Gang after the Mini !! Growing like mad.

Madge telling me "you could have someones eye out with that beak"

Loppy Jess and Cooper, to hot for Bella the Rotweiller.

Doggie walking field.

The lake where the dogs swim.

The only mod in Thailand my fully restored 1967 Vespa 150.

More mirrors and lights on order !!

The Duke another toy left in the U.K. this baby travelled from Dover to Saint-Tropez in a day a total of 1004 miles average speed SCARY.

JJ after his first 1500 pound op three more were to follow, worth every penny

Ready for first Muay Thai fight.

The Kiddie Cullers 2 Pit Bulls, one Rotweller and a cross Husky excellent for Noisy Nippers !!!


Afraid the doggies would not stand a chance against this little fella.

100k of race prepared BMW m series about to be overtaken by 2.2k worth of Isuzu diesel pickup driven by young Thai lad.

The Penthouse, now this place you can get your own room there are three poles in it for the girls to dance around, your own swimming pool and Jacuzzi in the room, mirrored ceilings, 50 inch T.V. linked to cameras so you can get various profile video photage of yourself and 'friends'making 'holiday movies' now how true this is I would not know !!! but if your a single Guy I ,sorry my friend reccomends a few nights stay.

The Local you can leave you gun with security and they will service and clean it for you while you have a Babycham

The new toy park never built a wall before, still have'nt.

New GB sticker on Shelby Chevvy.

Feeling really proud of myself today after finishing the tiling on the carport it looks really smart, I have never done any tiling before so was made up with the outcome so I gave the lad who did it for me a good tip !!!

Another one

A Pattaya Boozer

My Lovely wife doing was she does best, being herself

The Rotax in full flight.

Davey has lived in Thailand a while now and seen some things that people would not believe go on, but out of all the perverse things he see's from day to day is fat, middle aged, balding men wearing football shirts with the name of some young lad on the back,so what is all that about ? he decided to get one of his own, the most popular young boys names appears to be Rooney, now I thought this young boy played for Liverpool as the top was red so I got myself a liverpool shirt and had it printed on, but not to sure about the spelling ? managed the middle age bit just working on the balding bit now, isn't life wonderfull when your marching to the beat of a different drum !!!!

Our Cass a perfect lady sadly missed.

Getting ready for Scooter run and a rumble with Pattayas Mad Dog bike gang even wearing Fred Perry T-shirt to hot for Crombie and Air Ware. Picnic on island while out on yacht

Pwt waiting for JJ and Cassie to go to the beach, people were horrified when admiring the car I would just walk up open the door and let three dogs covered in salt water and sand pile in, as Beth would say "it's only a tin box at the end of the day" true enough

With Gang in her village we were actually buying land from these people, it takes nearly a day and you have to eat drink and haggle at the same time. Somewhat different from an estate agents in the U.K.

Another one, well what was I supposed to do for transport when I went to Gangs Village.

The first one in Udon Thani nearly complete.

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