On the 11th July 2013 my world came to an end for my beautiful, beloved wife passed away. This site is left in honour of her loving memory forever and always in our hearts, Gang RIP gone but never forgotten.

Please take a moment to visit her tribute website found here
to experience some of our most cherished memories

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Dean my Godson I use to change his nappy hes a Royal Marine now,makes me proud.

In Heaven !!!!

I'm a respectful married man now and my wife expects to go out dressed like this !!! well I put my foot down that dress is far to long!!!!

Conteplating a haicut need some advice does it stay or go? should I grow old disgracefully?and before you ask it's not dyed.


Christmas dinner oil rig style

What I have to endure whilst your all sat at home eating your christmas dinner, just so you can put fuel in your car.

Now those are Lobsters.

That`s good everyones turned up !!!!

All these calories go straight to my nose !!

I`ve just found a photo of my first car as you can see I was starting to have problems then !!!

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    Pattaya is 147 km southeast of Bangkok, and faces the Gulf of Siam. It is located within easy access of the Bangkok Airport and has excellent accommodation and restaurants and entertainment for all tastes. Because of its easy accessibility from Bangkok, Pattaya remains one of Thailand's most popular weekend getaways for Bangkok's...more info

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