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Mabprachan Animal Shelter Thailand

Introduction to Mabprachan Animal Shelter

The Mabprachan Animal Shelter as it is now called, began life ten years ago, when my wife and I found a desperately hungry looking dog outside the gate of our home near Soi Nern Phlap Waan. We fed it then, and the next day and so on, and after five weeks, it showed its gratitude by presenting us with five puppies. Since then, there have been five changes of address to cater for the arrival of numerous other unwanted animals. When we came to Mabprachan, with what I thought would be a finite number of dogs, the number reached over 100, and we have since had to find some extra land. The only affordable land was in Tha Mai, just this side of Chantabhuri, where we were able to find 15 rai in the middle of nowhere, among fruit trees of all types. At the moment we have 70 dogs there and the same in Mabprachan. The boys are very happy in Tha Mai as there are enough trees to keep them standing on three legs for the foreseeable future. Whether or not the flavour of the fruit will thus be enhanced will become known later.

Until now 90% financing of this operation has been supported by the earnings and savings of my wife and myself. Unfortunately we have now reached the point where we desperately need help in the form of donations and sponsorship to keep the operation going. The cost of spaying, vaccinations and food is increasing by the day and with interest rates on savings being close to zero, the outlook is bleak, and we desperately need what I believe is called in modern language , a bailout. Hence we have no option but to throw ourselves on the mercy of other dog lovers for the necessary assistance. Why do it? Well, someone once told me that when you get to 70, if you have two good friends, you are very lucky. I have 140 good friends. I do not pretend to have an answer to the problem of abandoned dogs in Thailand. I do not think anyone can have, as there is no way of measuring how many there might be. There are 32,000 temples in Thailand, and if they all have an average of 20 dogs, that is already 640,000 plus there are probably twice as many in the villages. All one can do is "what one can" and not only do we feed the 140 dogs we have in our care, but also we feed the dogs in a nearby temple, where our ambition is to make the dogs as fat as the monks. At the moment, we are losing.

All I can promise is that any dog which comes into our care will be helped as far we, with your help, are able to do so. We are hoping to launch a "Friends of Mabprachan Animal Shelter" association to collect a small donation each month from each member In any case every donation of whatever size is welcome. Anyone who wishes to visit us is welcome to do so, but please telephone 089 505 7021 first. We are quite close to Mulligans Bar so there is also the opportunity to have a drink in picturesque surroundings.

Derek Doyle - Founder

Mabprachan Animal Shelter - Before and After Pictures




A couple from Manchester, Dave and Jackie Somerville, on holiday here, contacted us about a walking skeleton they had seen, and asked if we could do something. Normally we have to refuse because of limitations of space, but poor Jackie was so upset, we went to see if she could be caught. Mali tracked her down, and finally we drove her into some long grass from which she could not escape. A towel over her head and she became instantly submissive.


A quick journey to the vet where she was diagnosed with Tick Fever, brought her a vaccination and thereafter a month of good food, well, better food, produced the animal you see in the "after" photo. Deserves a good home.



When We Can Not Save Them

This poor animal belonged to a neighbour who just ignored the huge cancer which was dragging along the ground. For this one, there was no hope and she had to be put down.


Louise, had her puppies in the wild, and they were all absolutely lovable. Unfortunately the whole litter died in the distemper outbreak. there is no cure for puppies that have this disease. Older dogs can use the Interferon drug and all those who caught the disease recovered. However the cost of the drug, 4 injections at 700 THB (US$ 23.50) a time is expensive. Our vet fees for the last 4 months have been 48,000, 19,000, 33,000, and in the Guinness Book of Records 59,000 (USD 2,000) last month. This is why we need your help. The cost of saving a dog, is is sometimes more than the cost of a pedigree animal, but they are, after all, part of the family, and one cannot just watch them die without trying some remedy.

Mabprachan Animal Shelter - How You Can Help

Give a Dog a Home

Re-homing dogs is always a matter of great satisfaction. All our dogs are spayed and vaccinated, and we would not let a dog go if we had any doubts about it's health. The original idea was to take into the shelter old dogs who had had perhaps a lousy life and been cast out on to the streets to fend for themselves. With experience, we found that most of these dogs came with babies. Thus we frequently have young puppies but would recommend dogs a year or two old. At this age they do not normally chew everything that doesn't move, and not only does this spoil your home, but it can also mean they eat a lot of plastic and end up choking themselves.

Help Us with Vet Bills

Any donation paid to a designated bank account at The Bank of Ayudha Account No. 4721098793 would be gratefully received. Please advise us however that this has been done, so we can check that it has actually gone to the right place. The account is at the moment in Mali's name as there is no way to open an account without a legal document. We shall form a charity when we have amassed the necessary THB 200,000 founding fee. The army of Thai directors should not be difficult. Three battalions of the wife's family should suffice. Email me, Derek Doyle on delboy43210@gmail.com if you want to help.

Contact Mabprachan Animal Shelter

Contact: Derek or Maliwan Doyle
Phone: 089-505-7021
Address: 24/1 M5 Tambon Pong, Banlamung, TH, 20150
Email: delboy43210@gmail.com
Website: www.mabprachananimalshelter.org


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